The United Wiki Nations is a political and economical community. All wiki nations can be a member of it. The UWN has to motivate wiki nations to collaborate and is also for keeping peace between these countries. Currently there are 4 members.

The UWN is closely related to the (newer) International Wiki Organisation (IWO).

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The official languages of the UWN are here below. We have translators in all of these languages.

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History Edit

The UWN was an idea of Libertan prime-minister Ruben Geleyns. He said it was required when a second wiki nation was founded, Adlibita. So on July 13, 2007 UWN was founded and is still getting larger and larger.
Only one month later, in August, another wiki country was founded: Lovia. Lovia could enter the UWN easily.
Just a few weeks later they heard in Libertas about an existence of another wiki country called Vreêland. Vreêland, a small country where the dialect of Aeres is the official language, couldn't enter the UWN because it's independence was disputed. But then on November 12, 2007 the small country could finally become member of the organisation.

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The UWN has its own newspaper which writes only about the UWN.