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The Republic of Adlibita is a wiki nation in the Mediterrean Sea, bordering to Italy. It's official language is Romanian and the capital is Christianenburg.

History Edit

After the fall of the Roman Empire, Adlibita became a forgotten country. But around the year 800 the first colonists came. Most of them were Romanian. The current capital Christianenburg was the first place that was founded then. The Old Centre is the oldest part of this city. Nowadays, you can find here a lot of old monumental buildings.

Geography Edit

A big part in the west of the country is flat. But in the nordwest and in the middle of Adlibita there are huge mountain ranges. The biggest mountain, the Vârful Alb (White Peak) in the Munţii Albi (White Mountains) is 5194 metres high. In the soudwestern and eastern part there are more hills. The low mountain range the Munţii Cantregi are not higher then 1000 metres.

Administrative Edit

Adlibita is divided up in provinces. These are existing of communes and cities. The largest cities are the capital, Christianenburg, and Cantegro, a touristic city. There are also 5 communes: Floreşti, Highboro, Luceşti, Lunca and Orcieru. Highboro is the only English town in Adlibita.

Demography Edit

The most people are etnic Romanian, but some are Greek or Italian. There are also minorities of Spanish, English and Dutch people. Adlibita has approximative 9 million inhabitants.

Politics Edit

Adlibita is a republic which has a president, a vice-president, a prime-minister and a government. The current president is Mocu with vice Alexandru. Prime-minister is Tigrul-alb with his Government Vitalie I which is consisting of 11 ministers. Also an important politician is Petru.

Culture Edit

The culture is very similar with that from Romania. They both have the same traditional food and music.

Media Edit

The media is the most important sector in Adlibita. There are 4 television channels, 1 radio channel and 5 newspapers. There is also one telecommunication company.

Sport Edit

Football is very important for the Adlibitans. Its Liga Adlibitana is comparitive with the Italian Serie A and the English Premier League. The Federaţia Adlibitană de Fotbal (FAF) organizes and controls all the matches. There are 4 football clubs, from which 3 are from Christianenburg and 1 is from Highboro.


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